Changes, Step-By-Step

Making small changes in our daily routines will make a significant difference in our environment now and years to come. Some of these changes will need to address mercury pollution which is the focus of this site. Together, our efforts will help preserve our quality of life in Massachusetts, for ourselves and for future generations.
The waste-to-energy (or energy-from-waste) facilities in your area are leaders in the responsible management of products containing mercury. With your help and cooperation, our advanced technology and the efforts of every community, we can keep things safe around your home and the around the planet. The best way to help is to be well informed with best practices and disposal options. Most are easy. To the right you’ll see a few quick tips to get you started.
Mercury won’t harm you or the environment as long as it stays inside the product in which it originated.
Handle glass thermometers, old thermostats, fluorescent tubes and other mercury-containing products with care and caution. Read More  
Never throw mercury items in the trash or into recycling. Never pour mercury down the drain. Store them in a safe place, such as an unbreakable plastic container—away from children and pets. Read More 
If you break something with mercury in it in Massachusetts, call 1-866-9MERCURY (1-866-963-7287) for expert advice on safe clean-up methods to keep mercury out of the trash and water supply. Read More 

Videos to Watch and Share

To learn more about mercury and where it might be found in your home or business we’re providing some videos for you to watch and share with your friends. We’ve also have some jingles we hope make you smile and remember our mercury tips.

Don’t Toss It! Don’t Put Mercury In The Trash

 There are a lot of questions about Mercury. And here are some of the most common questions.